Sponsored SHUTTLE Video Programs

Sponsored Video Programs

Newsday Communications can produce low-cost sponsored video programs using a slide show format that integrates existing organizational content (slides and video) with exhibitor advertising. These programs play continuously on convention shuttle buses as captive audiences move between hotels and meeting venues. Programs can also play on “dark channels” in hotels with large meeting blocks.

Sponsored shuttle video programs can generate incremental revenue for associations while providing a channel for organizations to communicate key messaging to a captive audience of bus riders during meetings and conventions.

Examples of Sponsored Video Programs

Convention News Programs

Newsday Communications can also provide a team to capture and edit content before or on-site at meetings and conventions to produce more comprehensive sponsored convention television programs. These programs can then be broadcast daily on shuttle buses and in hotels; and content can be repurposed for social media marketing channels.

Examples of Convention News Programs

Exhibitor Ad Production

Newsday produces low-cost ads so any exhibitor can participate in sponsored video program opportunities. Some exhibitors may not have the resources to produce these types of ads, and Newsday provides this service as part of its production offerings.

Examples of Ads Produced for Sponsored Video Programs