Newsday Communications provides advertisers with two high impact channels for promoting brands, products and services to large targeted audiences. Whether you are an exhibitor at one of our client conferencesĀ and you want to drive more traffic to your booth ORĀ a high-end brand wishing to reach a high-income audience, we may have opportunities for you.

We produce Broadcast News, a daily convention television news and information program that plays on shuttle buses, in hotels rooms and in meeting venues throughout the duration of conferences.

Take a look at some of our recent Broadcast News programs to see how we integrate advertising. Ad types and lengths are flexible.

Here are some sample ads from past programs.

We also provide shuttle bus graphic advertising opportunities that deliver maximum exposure. Graphics ads range from full bus wraps to full length banners, to interior seat head rest covers.

Please CONTACT US for more information or if you have questions about advertising opportunities with Newsday Communications.